Here are two, true Border Collie friends, Candi & Fish!  Find out more about this dynamic-duo in their Intros & Hellos profile below!  Pictures and text courtesy of Carri Sellung.


Candi is our a 12.5 yr old Border Collie who still looks young.  We got her at 7 weeks old from a farmer for our 5 yr old son.  We live in Northern Wisconsin and she ran like lightening thru our field.  She LOVES to play ball, frisbee, stuffed toy hedgehogs, loves to swim, loves to herd the kids, loves to chase squirrels and chipmunks.  She is just a sweetie and we enjoy having her!!!!

We adopted Fish a 3 yr old on 7/11/19.  He was named Fish cuz when his owner was going to go fishing – his wife said don’t come home without fish – he brought home Fish!

Unfortunately, his previous owner surrendered him three months ago due to having cancer and not having much longer to live.  It took a couple days for him to get along with Candi but they are buddies now.  He doesn’t know how to play – we throw a ball and he cowers or chases Candi to stop her from getting it.  He’s very well behaved and a big ol’ teddy bear.  He was an outdoor kenneled dog but now he’s an indoor dog.  He’s very timid and skiddish with other dogs and people.  Nonetheless, he’s a wonderful addition to our family.



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