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We love border collies and we love featuring them on our site!
So, if you want your border collie to be featured on our page, please read our submissions page and send us an email with your pictures to: submissions@bordercolliefanclub.com

Terry & Becky Gose would like all of you to meet Akira Rayne!  Akira is a 1.5 year old  slate merle border collie who loves frisbees!

border collieWhat is the name of your border collie?
Akira Rayne

How old is Akira Rayne?
1 ½ years old

How did Akira become part of your family?
My husband and I bought her from a breeder.

Does she have any special talents or tricks?
Akira is a very fast learner and is so eager to learn new tricks.  She is an avid Frisbee player and we have just started teaching her some tricks using the Frisbee.


border collie birthday cakeWhat is the one thing that you love the most about having a border collie as a pet?
Having Akira as a pet is simply amazing! She is a companion for the entire family and very protective. She’s inquisitive and so eager to learn new things. It never takes her long to master one task and then she’s ready to move on to the next challenge. Akira is a motherly type of dog. We have a Cocker Spaniel/Wheaton Terrier puppy that she babies as well.

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