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So, if you want your border collie to be featured on our page, please read our submissions page and send us an email with your pictures to: submissions@bordercolliefanclub.com

Terry DeGraw would like you all to meet Roxy and Ruger.  Two inseparable and lovable border collies who are two loyal watchdogs that have amazing personalities. 


two border colliesWhat are the name of your border collie?
Roxy and Ruger. Roxy is a female, black & white border collie. Ruger is a male, red & white.

How old are Roxy & Ruger?
Roxy is eight and Ruger is one-and-a-half!

How did they become part of your family?
Roxy was from a breeder. Ruger was through adoption.

Do Roxy & Ruger have any special talents or tricks?
They have a crazy love for one another!



two border collies playingWhat is the one thing that you love the most about having a border collie as a

They are so smart and so keen to their surroundings. Very good watchdogs and amazing personalities.

Do you have any interesting or funny stories to share about your border

My babies love the woods. They run around five acres like mad!



two border collies outsideWhat else do you want people to know about your border collies?
Our border collies are amazing we wanted a second border collie when our older dog, Golden, passed away so Roxy wouldn’t be alone. Ruger is the perfect fit for her and for us. They love each other and it didn’t take long for them to become completely inseparable.




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