Jenn McDonald ​would like everyone to meet Arya the border collie!  Get to know Arya in her BorderCollieFC Intro & Hellos profile below!

What is the name of your border collie?



How old is he/she?

8.5 months years old

How did he/she become part of your family?

Through a breeder

What is the one thing that you love the most about having a border collie as a pet?

They are very loyal!


Do you have any interesting or funny stories to share about your border collie?

My son and father in law built her a dog house. She prefers sitting on the roof over going in it.


Does he/she have any special talents or tricks? If so, please describe.

She is still learning but can jump up on just about anything.


What else do you want people to know about your border collie?

She’s a very loving girl.



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