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Lochy is an Australian Border Collie who struggles with dog aggression, mostly out of fear.  Poor Lochy would show resource guarding behaviour when he had food or toys, which is normal, but would become overtly aggressive when other dogs approached him or great him.  The source of his behaviour issues likely stems from a serious injury he sustained while in a doggy day care facility, which greatly affected his confidence around other dogs.  In this great video from Australia’s K9 Pros – one of the largest dog training and behaviour consultancies in the country, you get to see how their expert team patiently and methodically worked with Lochy to help him deal with his aggression problems.  If you have a similar problem with your border collie this is a great video to check out.

NOTE: This video is not an instructional video on how to correct aggressive dog behaviour.  As always, it’s highly recommended you seek advice from a professional dog trainer before you try any corrective behaviour training you see in this video.

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