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We love border collies and we love featuring them on our site!
So, if you want your border collie to be featured on our page, please read our submissions page and send us an email with your pictures to: submissions@bordercolliefanclub.com

Kim Cleverton would like all of you to meet Digger!  Digger is an 11 year old border collie who lives in New Zealand!   See her write up below…

border collie looking up from sofa

Hello everyone,

Once you have had a border collie you dont want any other breed! Meet Digger, 11 years old and my third. I lost my first two to cancer. For me, I have to replace as soon as I can to fill the heartache. I got Digger, from a breeder, when he was 19 months. He was being picked on by the alpha male. He settled in just fine. Doesn’t have any special tricks, just wants to be loved and believes everyone is put on this earth to pat him. Follows me everywhere including into the toilet! He is small for a male and everyone thinks he is a girl. I cover his ears and tell them that he is a bloke! Hates thunder and fireworks. I love him to bits and hope I have him for a few years yet.

Kind Regards,
Kim Cleverton
Napier, New Zealand






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