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Mollie Hoskins would all of you meet Duke Ellington.  Duke is an adopted border collie who has been a great companion and sometimes thinks he’s a cat!  


border collie dogDuke Ellington He was born in July of 2015 I picked him up from the breeder on the last day of August in 2015.  He was the cutest little thing  and he is my first Border Collie!

I have always had Shelties, but for my birthday my youngest son, who was moving out of the house, thought I needed someone to protect me.  Well Duke is for sure a protector!  No one would be able to come into my home until I have him secured in his cage… unless, of course, they want him on them!

Duke loves to catch the ball mid-air.  He will do that for hours on end. I have him in training right now to learn his manners and when we learn our puppy and adult dog behaviors properly, we plan on having him learn community service training.


border collie dogWhat I love most about Duke is his energy and his companionship.  At night he sleeps above my head, which he has done since he was a small pup. It is the cutest thing! I also believe he thinks he’s a cat because when I come home from work he sits on my shoulder (on the back of my couch) looking out the window watching the squirrels.  My brother-in-law says he’s mixed up, but i love having him near me. It’s relaxing having him around my shoulder and he must know it cause he is always there when I settle in for the night.


border collie dogNow that mom’s real kids are gone, she has a lot of time on her hands and she works at a hospital and does photography on the side as well and volunteers and would like to take Duke with her to visit the Vets and the to help with the autistic children and to visit the nursing homes!




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