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We love border collies and we love featuring them on our site!
So, if you want your border collie to be featured on our page, please read our submissions page and send us an email with your pictures to: submissions@bordercolliefanclub.com

sassy black white border collie

Meet Sassy. A sweet therapy dog who loves to snuggle with her owner on her bad days

What is the name of your border collie?

How old is Sassy?
5 and a half. Born December 27, 2010

How did Sassy become part of your family?
Sassy came to me through a friend from school who had Border Collie puppies. I had lost my previous border mix just before her Border had puppies. I was determined to not get another pup, but upon seeing Sassy I knew it was right.

Does Sassy have any special talents or tricks?
Sassy is the smartest dog that has ever been in our family. She can sit, stay, lay down, shake hands, high five, sit pretty, roll over, balance treats on her nose. She plays hide and seek.  She’s a professional at any retrieving game, such as fetch or frisbee even in the water. She dock jumps, herds small children (or small anything to be honest), but stops upon request. She’ll help carry branches to the fire pit. I’m probably forgetting something, but she’s pretty great!

What is the one thing that you love the most about having a border collie as a pet?
Honestly the drive and energy. I (Sassy’s owner) suffer from chronic pain due to an autoimmune disease and Sassy is very much my therapy dog. She loves to snuggle with me on bad days, but also she gets me up and active a little each day. Without her I probably would have given up a long time ago.

sassy border collie wet

Sassy looking a bit wet, but happy!

Do you have any interesting or funny stories to share about your border collie?
Sassy at 6 weeks old was slammed in a barn door by a cow and broke her shoulder. When I got her at 3 months she seemed like a perfectly healthy puppy. As she continued to grow she started to limp and yelp at times. After Xrays and an appointment with a specialist we learned that it healed to her small puppy size, but then fuzed itself and as she grew it didn’t grow correctly. Now at 5 and a half she uses it while running or swimming without hesitation, but if she’s sitting or walking she holds ot up. She isn’t in any pain now that she’s fully grown. She doesn’t even notice the difference. Her dad happened to be a 3 legged Border Collie too.

What else do you want people to know about your border collie?
Sassy got her name because as a puppy she had one ear up and one down. She’d constantly sit with her head cocked. She was a little sassy and she’s only grown into that name. Now both ears up, she knows she’s the queen of the house. She may be spoiled, but all in fun and love!

We love border collies and we love featuring them on our site!  So, if you want your border collie to be featured on our page, please see our submissions page and send us an email at submissions@bordercolliefanclub.com

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