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The Border Collie is one of the most popular breeds of dog, and here at last is a book to do it justice. The ‘Best Of Breed’ series is a ground-breaking truly breed specific book, from the first page to the last and is perfect for all pet parents. Written by breed experts, this book will enrich your pets life and help you train and care for your dog from day one.

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Judith Gregory is an award winning border collie breeder from Acton in Bristol, UK.  She is a Kennel Club accredited breeder, meaning she abide by good breeding practices and fulfill stringent health testing requirements specific to her breed.  Judith bought her first Border Collie more than 60 years ago, and her relationship with the breed has seen her collect 10 Breeder of the Year prizes, including winning the Crufts Breeders Final in 2010.

In this video, she talks about what it takes for someone to breed, train and raise a healthy, happy border collie.  It’s not an easy dog to own, but if you are considering getting a border collie, this video gives you some insight into what you have to be aware of before making a decision.  If you are interested, we would also recommend reading her book,The Border Collie: Your Essential Guide From Puppy To Senior Dog (Best of Breed).

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