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Mike and Barbara Jenkins from Greer, South Carolina would like you to meet Kaci!  Kaci is an energetic and playful three year old red and white border collie.  Check out this wonderful write-up written by her mom to introduce her to the world!


Kaci the Border Collie from South CarolinaHi, my name is KACI! (Aka Momma’s precious baby),  I am from South Carolina.  I was 7 weeks old when I was adopted from a Border Collie breeder. I live with my mom and dad and 2 sister kitties. My mom says that I am her favorite  puppy, but I am really a big girl! I am 3 years old now.  I know how to sit, lay, speak, shake, stay, back up, and read my mom’s mind. She says I am SO SMART! I can also kick my ball to you if you ask.  I have MANY tennis balls, and I know each of them personally by their smell. You can’t fool me by switching them out. (They are like my sheep).


red and white border collieSome of the things I like to do are: walking on trails (I try to find the biggest stick for my dad to throw!), anything out in the yard (I am a good helper to drag tree limbs after they are cut), I LOVE the water hose, for sure, car rides, my ‘Chuck-it’ flyer and tennis balls, of course.  Inside the house, I still play tennis ball fetch (my parents are cool to throw the ball in the house), the laser dot or anything that makes lights on the wall, taking a nap in my favorite red chair. I’m kind of quirky about my mom opening the drawer where she keeps the foil, or opening the cat food can for my sister…I get so excited! The vacuum cleaner makes me that way too! I know the names of some of my toys.  Mom tells me to go get “fluffy” or “gator” or “racoony”, and I bring them to her.  I also like to make up my own games like Backdoor Ball.  When my mom is busy in the kitchen, I drop a tennis ball at her feet (or in the dishwasher) and she tells me to “go get ready”, so I race thru my doggie door to the back yard and get in “ready” position and my mom comes to the door and chucks my ball to me! I bring it back and we start all over again! It’s so fun!


sleeping border collieAnother thing I love is thunder! It’s so exciting and doesn’t scare me at all, but sometimes my mom blocks my doggie door so I can’t be outside with the lightning.  I really don’t like bath time and I usually try to hide, but mom knows all my hiding places.  Once I get in the tub, I’m OK, but it is not something I would choose to do on purpose.  I know the sound of my daddy’s car and love to greet him when he comes home from work. He rubs my belly right away and tells me I’m his precious girl! I am the luckiest Border collie, ever!




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