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Yesi would like you all to meet Mac who lives in California, USA.  She is a truly special dog who’s had a tough life having to deal with an aggressive form of idiopathic Epilepsy, which caused life-threatening seizures when she was eight years old.   The good news is that Mac’s doing much better these days and have become a beloved addition to Yesi’s family and a true friend.


mac the border collieHer name is Mac like the computer. She is almost 11 years old and I have had her since she was 8 months old. She was a neglected purebred puppy purchased to be a “good apartment dog” before being turned into rescue for obsessively chasing her tail. I adopted her a week later and she fell in love with our huge back yard and new family including a Labrador Retriever, Pitbull and several cats.

Unfortunately, Mac developed an aggressive form of idiopathic Epilepsy when she was 8 years old that up until recently was well controlled. She went into Status Epilepticus and was rushed to an emergency, specialty hospital where she spent 36 hours in intensive care where they finally broke her seizures. I was then allowed to transfer her to the vet hospital I work in. She was lifeless and weak. She couldn’t see, couldn’t eat, couldn’t walk or do anything. I basically had a very sick newborn baby on my hands. It took 2 weeks of intense love and rehab to bring my little girl back.  In the first picture, Mac is 6 weeks post-status and I finally think we have beaten this ordeal. She takes 3 different anti-spasmodic medications (9 pills in 4 very strict time periods) and other supplements to keep her seizure free. She has always been my example of a real Velcro dog but she is now my “super glue” girl. We are never apart. The attached before and after picture shows the difference those 2 intense weeks made in her life. She is truly my soulmate!

border collie dogWe are now 14 weeks post status and Mac is getting stronger every day. She has re-learned all her words and actions and still goes to work with me every day. She loves greeting clients as well as their pets. I know we won’t have her forever so I tell her I love her a hundred times a day and I squeeze her a little tighter and kiss her as much as I can. I always reassure her that mommy will always take care of her.We are so blessed to have this beautiful dog in our lives.

P. S. Here’s the latest picture of Mac at work… back to her normal self. Here she is visiting Ronnie, a Boxer puppy, rescued by one of our nurses at 3 days old. 🙂




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