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We love border collies and we love featuring them on our site!
So, if you want your border collie to be featured on our page, please read our submissions page and send us an email with your pictures to: submissions@bordercolliefanclub.com

Deb would like all of you to meet Callie!  Callie is a 15 month old Borde Collie/Australian Shepherd (i.e. Baussie Collie) mix who lives in Arizona, USA.


black and white border collieWhat is the name of your border collie?
Hi folks! My name is Callie or Calamity Jane for short.

How old is Callie?
I am a 15 month old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix.  But, my mom calls me a Baussie Collie!

How did Callie become part of your family?
I was bought by my folks from people who raise mixes like mine in the White Mountains of Arizona, and I took my first car ride when I was only 8 weeks old. Wow! I didn’t think that car ride would EVER end! My folks got me to be a companion to my nine-year-old collie brother when his big sister passed away. Boy was I ever a lucky little dog!


border colliesWhat else do you want people to know about your border collie?
I sure like living in Phoenix where I have a HUGE backyard to run and chase bunnies in, and a big pool where I can swim and stay cool. I have passed all of my Petsmart training classes, and my folks want to train me to do agility, but I have a little problem. My knee caps slip, so I can’t do all the things lots of other Border Collies can do. The doc says I’ll do fine and that the pool is good for me. So I’ll just take it easy while I’m still growing, and I hope I grow out of it. It sure hurts when it happens! Ouch!

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