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Have you ever heard of The Super Collies? They’re a terrific group of show dogs who love to show off and entertain people with their amazing tricks!  In this video you get introduced to each Super Collie and their trainer/mom Sara Carson, who shares some of her secret training techniques that she uses to get her dogs to behave as well as they do!  Check it out!

For those interested in checking out the trick training book that Sara recommended, 101 Ways to Do More with Your Dog… it’s available now via Amazon.

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A BorderCollieFC Recommended Book!

101 Ways to Do More with Your Dog: Make Your Dog a Superdog with Sports, Games, Exercises, Tricks, Mental Challenges, Crafts, and Bonding by Kyra Sundance.

If you’re just starting out with teaching your dog to learn new tricks and are looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to get you started then look no further than this book, which is easy-to-read and full of helpful illustrations.

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