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Submit your Border Collie to be featured

Meet Mr Biscuit, the adorable pup that knows over 300 tricks & 900 words. This amazing Border Collie learns 3 to 4 new words everyday without any actual training sessions! Mr. Biscuit has been featured on MSN, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, and many other media outlets!

So how does he learn so much so fast? It’s easy.  He doesn’t have to be trained, so to speak! It’s all about training the handler, not the dog. So throw your clickers & treats away and learn how to communicate with your dog and you’ll never have to train a dog again! Dogs love to interact and play with their owners more than anything in the world, this not only creates a great bond between the dog and their owner, but also helps the dog and their owners learn each other’s patterns of expected behaviors. 

 See more of Mr. Biscuit on his Facebook page.

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