Greg Aggett from Australia would like you to meet some special friends in his life! 

First, meet Tiffy.  She is a one year old border collie who is very active. She is a working sheep dog.


Next, meet Tiffy (left) , Ziggy (blue cattle dog in the centre) and Annie 11 years old (right).  In this picture, Greg’s asked them to told all to look at me so he could ask them,  “Who took my shoe!?” 

Unfortunatley, We’ve also had a really bad drought here in North West Sydney, Australia and all the grass is dead.  It’s so hot there at the moment that Greg’s had to shave their coats.  



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About This Book..
Historically, Border Collies are known as a working dog breed. Due to this very fact there are certain dog behaviors and instincts particular to Border Collies only. These behaviors and instincts define the personality of the dog. Understanding these behaviors and instincts is imperative if you desire a well-trained/behaved dog. This book is based on years of experience and thorough research helping you to choose, raise, train and live in harmony with your Border Collie. This book has been written by truly taking into consideration the breed as well as its abilities as this aspect is often ignored by owners of this dog. The content of this book will provide you with an insight of how a Border Collie relates and interacts with its owner and the outside world. Once you’ve read this book, you’ll be better equipped to own and take care of a Border Collie so that it becomes the wonderful companion it’s meant to be!

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