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This video shows the amazing friendship that has developed between Benji (3 years old) the border collie and Fred (4 years old) the cat over the last 3 years.

Having had Fred arrive a year or so before we decided to get a puppy it took him a little time to get used to having this new bundle of energy that had arrived in the shape of a 12 week old Benji.
Once Fred settled and after a huge amount of hard work with Benji their relationship truly began to flourish producing amusing and cute moments on a daily basis.
They now eat together, play together and sleep together and are best friends.
As you can see from the early videos in this collection Benji was an extremely excitable puppy which Fred took a little time to get used to.
  • The first and second video shows Benji and Fred meeting for the first time with Fred nervous and unsure as to what has arrived in his house.
  • The third video shows the first real playful interaction between the two with a boxing contest.
  • The fourth video shows the boys enjoying a game of footsie which still happens today.
  • The fifth video shows Fred helping himself to a bit of Benji’s food.
  • The sixth video shows more early play fighting
  • The seventh video is a video that has gone viral and has been shown on TV in a number of countries around the world
  • The eight video shows the difference in patience levels between a dog and a cat.
  • The ninth video shows Fred playing with Benji getting a little sneaky pat in when Benji isn’t looking.
  • The tenth video shows more of Fred patting Benji when he isn’t looking.
  • The eleventh video shows shows Benji trying to sneak a bit of Fred’s food.
  • The twelfth video shows Benji smelling Fred’s butt and Fred isn’t having it and gently pats him away as Benji gives up and goes to chill out on the sofa.

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