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Check out this fun video featuring Lucy the Border Collie who doesn’t quite know what to make of an octopus who take a serious interest in the tennis ball that she was playing with.

The video was filmed by Lucy’s human dad, Almar Creighton, while out playing along the South African coast.  When Almar threw Lucy’s beloved tennis ball into the water, something strange happened which really perplexed his six year old dog.

“Lucy seemed very confused about how to handle this matter.” says Almar, “Lucy looked at us questioningly, as if asking what to do next.”

As it turns out, an octopus had been in the water and happened to be at the rigth place, at the right time to intercept the green tennis ball and decided to play with it themselves and dragged it under the water.

A very confused Lucy stared at the spot for about 20 minutes according to Almar as she was clearly expecting to eventually see her tennis ball come up to the surface, but that unfortunately didn’t happen for the poor border collie.

All we can is that we hope the octopus enjoyed playing with the tennis ball as much as Lucy and no worries, we’re sure that she got a new tennis ball and is happily playing with it… away from the South African coastline! 🙂



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