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David Rostrom would like to introduce you to Winston who is one smart, lovable, but mischievous Border Collie!

black white border collieWhat is the name of your border collie?

How old is Winston?
11 months old

How did Winston become part of your family? (adoption, breeder, etc…)
He became part of our family when we saw a photo from a breeder’s Facebook page.  We went to the breeder with the intent of meeting the blue eyed pup (and his siblings). Once there, we went through a gate, and he was the first of his litter to come running to us. It was meant to be.


black white border collieDoes Winston have any special talents or tricks?
Winston is smart for his age, and still learning many tricks. He can identify all his toys and loves to wave.

What is the one thing that you love the most about having a Border Collie as a pet?
We love how loyal Winston is, and the company he offers due to his parents working opposite shifts. He gets us out of the house and exploring.



black white border collieDo you have any interesting or funny stories to share about your Border Collie?
Whilst he was very young and still subject to mischief, Winston was confined to an area of the house whilst we were out for a long time. Within a day he learnt how to open the baby gate, and gain access to the rest of the house. Cable ties were then applied to the gate, and after watching daddy intently as they were being fixed on, soon learnt to bite through them to open the gate. More cable ties and an extra gate were put in place, and Winston simply jumped the lot. We had to give in and he has had free reign of the house since!

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