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Have you adopted a new border collie? If so, naming your new addition is a job that can feel difficult and confusing at times.  You want something short and sweet, but at the same time, it should reflect the personality of your new, fur-baby.

We’ve tried to make the task easier by listing some of the best and most popular names for your new pet. Here are the 20 most popular names for a border collie!  Below are our suggested male and female names for your new one.


Naming your Border Collie

Naming your border collie should be fun. You should want something ‘sweet’ and at the same time it should be short with one or two syllables. In no particular order, here are the best names for both male and female border collies.


Popular Male Names for Border Collie

1. Ben – short and sweet, the name is a popular one and means something relating to mountains. Nothing better than giving a ‘pastoral’ sort of name to your pooch.

2. Rye – an easy to pronounce name, which means “Island meadows.”

3. Luke – sounds bit masculine and suits a sturdy build border collie. It means ‘light giving’, and will surely bring some light in your life.

4. Bob – nothing beats the traditional names; they have their own charm. Bob means bright and shining – a good choice for your companion.

5. Alfie – this sweet little name reflects your affection for your furry friend. It’s a popular name meaning “sane” or “wise”.

6. Chester – a bit of a ‘Hollywood’ kind-of name that would surely suit your new buddy. The name means a “fortress” or “walled town”.

7. Keith – good name, especially if you want a different name. The name means wood or wind.

8. Lex – its another short and sweet name that means “defender” in Greek.

9. Cody – this name can sound a little funny, but is a good choice if you have a pet with a pleasant demeanour. It means “wealthy”.

10. Bailey – Its an old name with a musical rhythm. The easy to pronounce name means “city fortification”.


Popular Female Names for Border Collie

Now, let’s look at some of the best female names of your border collie, again in no particular order.

1. Meg – this name may sounds too common, but the name has a delightful association with it. The Greek origin means “Pearl”.

2. Jess – Sounds very sweet and means “rich”. A good name for a homely girl.

3. Ana – the name has a royal grace and is never out of fashion. It means “Gracious”.

4. Molly – sounds musical and friendly and is a good choice for your little girl meaning “bitter”.

5. Nell – sounds friendly and strong. The name is easy to pronounce and means “bright”.

6. Ash – jere is a stylish name for your little friend. It’s a tree name, but has a fashionable ring to it.

7. Rose – it’s a ‘never-out-of-fashion’ sort of name and has a very pleasant feminine association with beauty.

8. Daisy – this one is another cool name that gives a fresh feel. It’s a flower name that means “day’s eye”.

9. Sioux – for those that like to have more unique names, this one sounds mysterious and means “little snake”.

10. Misty – this one is a common, short, and sweet name for your female border collie. The name has a poetic ring and means “water”.

Hopefully, this list of popular border collie names have given you some good suggestions to help you find the perfect name for your new buddy!  Now, it’s your turn to share!  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and tell us what you think is a good name for a border collie! 

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