BorderCollieFC’s Best Tips for Grooming Your Border Collie

BorderCollieFC’s Best Tips for Grooming Your Border Collie

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Affable, sweet, and active, your border collie needs a lot of grooming. Their thick coat is full of shiny hairs that need to be trimmed, cleaned, and brushed for the basic hygiene, and also for the health of your furry friend.

Below are our top tips of grooming your border collie, but before that let’s see what type of coat these border collies have.


What Type of Fur Border Collies Have?

Border collies have thick fur that needs a lot of care. Their thick coats can pick debris while playing. They are working dogs that work tirelessly on farms and even when they are not working, they remain active.

Border collies have a double-layered coat. Their coat can be smooth or rough depending on their breed. The top layer is feathery soft and thick and weather resistant. The inner coat is thick and insulating. The heavy coat needs a lot of grooming.

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Our Best Tips For Grooming Your Border Collie

1.  Groom Regularly. The first tip is to be regular, or the thick furry coat of your little pooch may get lots of knots and tangles. Make a routine of brushing, bathing, and trimming and strictly follow it.

2. Brush the fur daily. For your pet’s thick coat, daily brushing is important. It will keep the hairs straight, remove tiny straws or debris, and prevent matting.

3. Use detangling sprays. A good detangling spray will help you more easily straighten out knots.  It will prevent you from pulling clumps of fur from your border collie. Alternatively, you can simply spray water to make it soft while brushing, but you may not find it as easy to smooth out the fur with just water.

4. Use a proper de-shedding tool. With their thick coat, border collie shed a lot. A good de-shedding tool/brush will help you remove debris from your dog’s hairs and prevent them from creating a mess. Keep passing the de-shedder through your pet’s fur until it comes off clean. This will also help improve the circulation of blood beneath your dog’s skin.

5. Trim the coat of your border collie if needed.  Each dog is different so you’ll have to see if yours need none, some or a lot of trimming to keep them happy.  You can take him or her to professional groomers, or simply do it yourself. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure to invest in a good kit, consisting of grooming scissors, razors, and clippers. Keep the length of your dog in check and trim regularly.

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6. Pay Attention to ears and legs. Pay special attention to your border collie’s ear and legs and paws. Your collie may get tufts of hairs around their ears or on legs. Don’t forget to brush and trim them while grooming or they can cause matting.

7. Give a weekly bath. Try to bathe your pet at least once in a week in order to keep the fur clean. Use a mild dog shampoo for cleaning the fur and clean all areas, especially behind the ears, under paws, the rear area and armpits.

8. Take care of other basic hygiene needs.  Go beyond the fur and clip the nails, clean the ears from the inside, and look for any sign of infection so it can be treated early.  Brush your dog’s teeth daily if possible. Good oral hygiene not only prevents bad breath but protects your pet from catching infections.

9. Enjoy the grooming sessions.  Make the grooming session with your furry baby a fun time for both of you. Treat it as a bonding time with your pet. Whether it is bathing, trimming, or regular brushing, don’t forget to reward your pet for his good behavior.

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11 Cool Facts about Border Collies

11 Cool Facts about Border Collies

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Want to learn more about Border Collies? Here are some of the cool things you might not know about these fun, energetic dogs.

Here are 10 reasons why Border Collies are the best dog breed!

1. Most modern Border Collies trace their lineage back to one dog. Old Hemp, born in the 1800s is considered to be the progenitor of the border collies. This dog’s herding method was less aggressive and more quiet compared to other dogs of his kind. His method always got results and impressed lots of breeders despite his softer technique. Old Hemp fathered to over 200 pups and became a famous stud dog.

2. Sheepdogs were brought to Great Britain by the Roman Empire. They were the first civilization that mastered the art of herding and raising sheep. Romans brought sheep as well as shepherds to the British Islands where they soon established the industry of wool. Most sheep-dogs which the Romans brought to Great Britain could not hack in the country’s cold weather, which is why the Celtics breed their own sheep-dogs.

3. Border Collies’ name comes from the region where they flourished. Did you know that Border Collies got their name because they were originally bred on borders of England and Scotland? James Reid, the secretary of ISS or International Sheepdog Society, is believed to have coined their name while describing the dogs in letters to his colleagues.

4. Border Collies are geniuses. It is no surprise that Border Collies are one of the smartest breeds of dogs. In fact, they are indeed on the top list of world’s smartest dogs. This is because of the fact that they were bred in order to be independent, problem solvers that are capable of solving complex tasks.

5. Yes, Border Collies are the world’s smartest dogs, however, that doesn’t mean training them is easy. Since they are known to be smart, they can pick up on anything and learn quicker than other dogs. Which is why trainer needs to train them right away just before these dogs develop any bad habits. It is applicable to train them while they are still young so that you’ll have their full attention.

6. Border Collies are the ultimate herding dogs. They are specifically bred for organizing and chasing animals. In fact, because the need to herd is deeply ingrained in Border Collies, some modern owners actually rent sheep for their pets to corral.

7. Border collies can move swiftly in a crouch position. It is one of their talents, thanks to the space between the tops of their shoulder blades. It lets them slither by while staying low to the ground.

8. Border collies can do “the eye”. This is one of their tricks. It is an intense stare which they usually do to intimidate the livestock and help the dogs herd as well as in controlling the animals. Sometimes, you may also catch your dog giving you this type of look just when you are about to give them something or have something in your hand.

9. Border Collies have a big dictionary. Have you heard of Chaser? She is commonly known as the world’s smartest dog. She can understand different words as well as she can name the proper noun names of his 1000 unique toys. Check out Chaser’s story here.

10. If Chaser can be tagged as a walking dog dictionary, then you may also have heard of Striker. This amazing Border Collie holds the record for Guinness Fastest Car Window Opened by a Dog. Striker is able to roll down the non-electrical car window in just 11.34 seconds. Talk about the unusual world record.

11. When owning a Border Collies, do not expect to lay around all day in the house with them. They get easily bored when left with no stimulation. These dogs love to have tasks which keep them busy and attentive. When they are left with nothing to do all day, they can get misbehave. Which is why owners are advised to always give them something to keep busy with.

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20 Popular Names for Border Collies

20 Popular Names for Border Collies

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Have you adopted a new border collie? If so, naming your new addition is a job that can feel difficult and confusing at times.  You want something short and sweet, but at the same time, it should reflect the personality of your new, fur-baby.

We’ve tried to make the task easier by listing some of the best and most popular names for your new pet. Here are the 20 most popular names for a border collie!  Below are our suggested male and female names for your new one.


Naming your Border Collie

Naming your border collie should be fun. You should want something ‘sweet’ and at the same time it should be short with one or two syllables. In no particular order, here are the best names for both male and female border collies.


Popular Male Names for Border Collie

1. Ben – short and sweet, the name is a popular one and means something relating to mountains. Nothing better than giving a ‘pastoral’ sort of name to your pooch.

2. Rye – an easy to pronounce name, which means “Island meadows.”

3. Luke – sounds bit masculine and suits a sturdy build border collie. It means ‘light giving’, and will surely bring some light in your life.

4. Bob – nothing beats the traditional names; they have their own charm. Bob means bright and shining – a good choice for your companion.

5. Alfie – this sweet little name reflects your affection for your furry friend. It’s a popular name meaning “sane” or “wise”.

6. Chester – a bit of a ‘Hollywood’ kind-of name that would surely suit your new buddy. The name means a “fortress” or “walled town”.

7. Keith – good name, especially if you want a different name. The name means wood or wind.

8. Lex – its another short and sweet name that means “defender” in Greek.

9. Cody – this name can sound a little funny, but is a good choice if you have a pet with a pleasant demeanour. It means “wealthy”.

10. Bailey – Its an old name with a musical rhythm. The easy to pronounce name means “city fortification”.


Popular Female Names for Border Collie

Now, let’s look at some of the best female names of your border collie, again in no particular order.

1. Meg – this name may sounds too common, but the name has a delightful association with it. The Greek origin means “Pearl”.

2. Jess – Sounds very sweet and means “rich”. A good name for a homely girl.

3. Ana – the name has a royal grace and is never out of fashion. It means “Gracious”.

4. Molly – sounds musical and friendly and is a good choice for your little girl meaning “bitter”.

5. Nell – sounds friendly and strong. The name is easy to pronounce and means “bright”.

6. Ash – jere is a stylish name for your little friend. It’s a tree name, but has a fashionable ring to it.

7. Rose – it’s a ‘never-out-of-fashion’ sort of name and has a very pleasant feminine association with beauty.

8. Daisy – this one is another cool name that gives a fresh feel. It’s a flower name that means “day’s eye”.

9. Sioux – for those that like to have more unique names, this one sounds mysterious and means “little snake”.

10. Misty – this one is a common, short, and sweet name for your female border collie. The name has a poetic ring and means “water”.

Hopefully, this list of popular border collie names have given you some good suggestions to help you find the perfect name for your new buddy!  Now, it’s your turn to share!  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and tell us what you think is a good name for a border collie! 

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Coley’s Rules – The Dog Who Brought Joy to a Small Town

Coley’s Rules – The Dog Who Brought Joy to a Small Town

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Coley the Border Collie lived in the small village of Ammanford where he became a beloved, friend-to-all.  On any given day you could find him sitting patiently beside a bench on a main road in the Penybanc community.

Unfortunately, Coley passed in late summer, but the community has reacted to his passing in the most touching way.  Get to know more about this amazing Border Collie in this touching write-up from his beloved owner, Lesley Jones.

Coley lived in Ammanford South Wales UK for nearly 11 years. He came into our life after nagging my husband, Phil, about getting a dog for six months.  So, he ended up buying Coley from a working farm as my birthday gift.

We decided to name him Coley as I had a coal fireplace to heat our home and when he was a puppy, he would steal a lump of coal to chew. He’d end up filthy and covered in coal dust with everyone frantically chasing him worried he’d choke!  So, he became Coley.

We live down a lane just off a busy main road. The road leads into the Town and many villages.  At the top of my lane is a corner with a bus stop and a bench.

One day, when Coley was still a puppy, he goes on one of his walks with Phil and the two of them end up  sitting on that bench for a while and they wait there for me to come home. Coley sat and watched the cars passing. He knew my car and got so excited when I pulled into the lane. I can remember it to this day, Coley waiting there for me all excited to see me.

Phil then decided to do this every night and Coley found a spot on the corner, sort-of half-on/half-off the pavement where he could watch out for me. He looked so comical, laying perfectly still watching and waiting flat on the ground.  Everyone started seeing him, children would giggle and people would smile when they saw him.

Coley also enjoyed this game so much! If I had a day off, he insisted Phil take him so he could watch and herd everyone else.

As you know, Border Collies need a job to be happy and Coley had found a job!  He had to go every night in any type of weather to sit in the corner and watch everyone pass.

Soon children made their parents pass this way to see if he was there, they’d get so excited and wave to him.  Adults saw him as a sign they were nearly home, he looked welcoming. Everyone knew him, he was funny.  He soon became a landmark that people used for directions. People would stop to pet him.  He soon became loved by hundreds.

In the end, the most important thing you should know about Coley was that herding us all from the street corner was his job. He was so dedicated that he never left his spot.  Since Coley passed away, I miss everything about him. His warmth. Him knowing when I feel low and need a hug.  He knew if I was unwell and looked after me. I miss Coley. He was so bossy, but comical.  But, my home was always full of laughter. He ruled us all, we are lost without him and my home is silent.



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