Here’s an oldie, but a goodie with an important message!  Check out this short musical PSA from Border Collie Rescue UK, who have some advice for anyone thinking of adopting dogs during the festive Christmas season.

Most people involved with dog rescue will know that the joyous holiday season means that there’ll likely be lots of people looking to re-home their dogs before and after the holiday season.  Whether is due to behavioural issues with their new dog or just plain regret, Border Collie Rescue UK has seen this time and time again.  As such, they have a simple message:

Think first, then if you do decide you want to share your home with a dog, get a rescue – don’t buy a puppy.
But wait until the busy Christmas period is over and you have some time to spend with your new dog.
Call your local rescue – bound to be plenty of dogs to go round.


About the Border Collie Dog Breed and Border Collie Rescue UK….
The Border Collie is designed to be a sheepdog and was originally used for herding livestock in the English and Scottish Borders. Border Collie Rescue UK assesses all dogs coming into their care for herding ability and will re-home them as ‘stock dogs’ if that is what they need to do but they also assess and re-home for scent discrimination skills to the Police, Prison Service and Excise to detect drugs, explosives and firearms — to SARDA and other rescue organizations for mountain rescue and search and rescue work — to help deaf, blind or otherwise disabled people as well as for working trials, flyball, agility, obedience and other interactive sporting disciplines and many of our dogs have qualified for Crufts in these disciplines. Those that show that they do not need or want to work are re-homed as PAT dogs, pets and companions.

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