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Affable, sweet, and active, your border collie needs a lot of grooming. Their thick coat is full of shiny hairs that need to be trimmed, cleaned, and brushed for the basic hygiene, and also for the health of your furry friend.

Below are our top tips of grooming your border collie, but before that let’s see what type of coat these border collies have.


What Type of Fur Border Collies Have?

Border collies have thick fur that needs a lot of care. Their thick coats can pick debris while playing. They are working dogs that work tirelessly on farms and even when they are not working, they remain active.

Border collies have a double-layered coat. Their coat can be smooth or rough depending on their breed. The top layer is feathery soft and thick and weather resistant. The inner coat is thick and insulating. The heavy coat needs a lot of grooming.

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Our Best Tips For Grooming Your Border Collie

1.  Groom Regularly. The first tip is to be regular, or the thick furry coat of your little pooch may get lots of knots and tangles. Make a routine of brushing, bathing, and trimming and strictly follow it.

2. Brush the fur daily. For your pet’s thick coat, daily brushing is important. It will keep the hairs straight, remove tiny straws or debris, and prevent matting.

3. Use detangling sprays. A good detangling spray will help you more easily straighten out knots.  It will prevent you from pulling clumps of fur from your border collie. Alternatively, you can simply spray water to make it soft while brushing, but you may not find it as easy to smooth out the fur with just water.

4. Use a proper de-shedding tool. With their thick coat, border collie shed a lot. A good de-shedding tool/brush will help you remove debris from your dog’s hairs and prevent them from creating a mess. Keep passing the de-shedder through your pet’s fur until it comes off clean. This will also help improve the circulation of blood beneath your dog’s skin.

5. Trim the coat of your border collie if needed.  Each dog is different so you’ll have to see if yours need none, some or a lot of trimming to keep them happy.  You can take him or her to professional groomers, or simply do it yourself. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure to invest in a good kit, consisting of grooming scissors, razors, and clippers. Keep the length of your dog in check and trim regularly.

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6. Pay Attention to ears and legs. Pay special attention to your border collie’s ear and legs and paws. Your collie may get tufts of hairs around their ears or on legs. Don’t forget to brush and trim them while grooming or they can cause matting.

7. Give a weekly bath. Try to bathe your pet at least once in a week in order to keep the fur clean. Use a mild dog shampoo for cleaning the fur and clean all areas, especially behind the ears, under paws, the rear area and armpits.

8. Take care of other basic hygiene needs.  Go beyond the fur and clip the nails, clean the ears from the inside, and look for any sign of infection so it can be treated early.  Brush your dog’s teeth daily if possible. Good oral hygiene not only prevents bad breath but protects your pet from catching infections.

9. Enjoy the grooming sessions.  Make the grooming session with your furry baby a fun time for both of you. Treat it as a bonding time with your pet. Whether it is bathing, trimming, or regular brushing, don’t forget to reward your pet for his good behavior.

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