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Meet Fame the Champion Border Collie

Have you heard of a Border Collie named Fame? If not, well what you are about to read is definitely an awesome and wonderful story.

Fame is arguably one of the greatest dog-athlete you will ever see!  This is mainly because this wonder-dog recently smashed the 2018 Masters Agility Championship course in merely eight and a half seconds!

Yep, you read it right. In just a matter of eight and a half seconds, this wonder dog left her other competitors in the dust during the Westminster Kennel Club 2018 Masters Agility Championship.  This seven-year-old border collie is the latest winner of this world-renowned competition, which was held at the Madison Garden.


Border Collies Are No Strangers When It Comes to Agility

Out of the 330 dogs who competed at the 2018 Masters Agility Championship, Fame beat all of the agility competitors. In the four years of the competition has existed, border collies have won four out of the five. In 2017, another border collie named Trick, grabbed the title.

Generally, their agility, speed and stamina have allowed border collies to dominate in dog activities such as flyball and disc dog competitions. With proper training, border collies also excel in dog dancing competitions.

Apart from  their agility, border collies have a highly developed sense of smell. Because of this, they can also make excellent tracking dogs for tracking trials. Tracking trials simulates finding a lost person in a controlled situation. This is where a dog’s performance is evaluated, and border collies are also know to excel in this particular category.

Watch Fame win the 2018  Master’s Agility Championship below.

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