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Here’s a great story out of Canada about a border collie who saved his owner’s life.  Reid Roberts  was running with his border collie, Pacer, in Forest for the World, a provincial park in Prince George, British Columbia, when they encountered a black bear and two cubs that were in the nearby bushes.  The mother bear immediately came at Roberts, who quickly realized that he couldn’t get away without a fight.

Luckily, Pacer sprang into action, barking and biting the bear and managing to eventually lead it down the trail and away from Roberts, who suffered a hand wound and other scrapes and claws from the encounter.  Roberts was then able to run to safety, but was obviously very worried about his dog.  Luckily, Pacer didn’t get hurt and even managed to find his way to their friend’s home where the two were eventually reunited.

“Pacer is fine and truly my hero,” Roberts wrote on his Facebook page, noting the dog typically runs ahead as a look out for moose or bears when the pair is on trails. “I never run without him.”

In the end, it seems that both dog and owner were very lucky to have escaped such a frightening encounter.  But, what’s even more clear is that Reid Roberts wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for his faithful border collie, Pacer.

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