Dogs are often very possessive about their owners and their homes. Thus, if you want to get a second dog for your home, you may need to think about it carefully.  Can you manage the added responsibilities? Even if you can, you have to ensure that your new pet will be able to get along with your existing pet. Of course, you wouldn’t want them to bite and scratch each other all the time!

Though it sounds difficult, here are some of the ways in which you can ensure peace and happiness with your dogs living under the same roof!

Choose breeds of similar temperament

To ensure that both your dogs live peacefully under the same roof, it is important that you choose the breeds carefully. If you already own a dog that is hyperactive or aggressive in nature, you should choose another breed of dog that compliments the traits of the first dog.

Similar character traits help your dog’s get well with each other and they take less time to adjust to each other. For instance, if you already own a Border collie, you should select the other breed accordingly. It is a terrible mistake to combine a hyperactive dog with a silent one. This might lead to terrible fights amongst your dogs ruining the environment of your house. Of course, you want dogs two live like two siblings would do!


Train puppies and acquaint them with adult dogs

Handling puppies can be tough for most dog parents because of their mischievous nature. If you already have an adult dog at home and are planning to get a puppy, you should take extra care towards ensuring they have a friendly relationship. Puppies generally tend to disturb the adult dogs which can cause the latter to be annoyed and be aggressive.

Though adult dogs, as a result of being patient, might not harm or attack the puppy, it is best that you do not leave both of them alone for long periods. Remember, it is important to acquaint them with each other, but the comfort of either of the two dogs should not be compromised.

You can also arrange fun activities between both of your dogs. This helps in engaging them in activities they can participate in together.

Divide your attention equally

While you get a new puppy home, it is true that you have to give most of your attention to it. However, you have to ensure that you do not compromise your responsibilities towards the adult dog. This might lead to the adult becoming more aggressive or depressive due to the lack of care.

It’s best if you can equally divide your attention amongst the dogs. Thus, you should arrange for activities so that both of your dogs feel equally important. For instance, you can take both of them for a walk at the same time, or go for a short drive.

You should also not to compromise on your medical responsibilities towards any of your dogs. Make sure you take them for regular vet visits for an overall check-up. Remember, a vet visit is not cheap! Thus, you should get your dogs insured so that you can receive financial aid in cases of a medical emergency.


Allot different utensils for each dog

Dogs can get defensive or aggressive over food. Thus, it is best if you keep their utensils separate and divide their meals into each of their utensils. This avoids the chance of your dogs fighting over food and harming each other. Introduce each of them to their own utensils.

It is also better if you place the utensils in separate corners of your room so that the chances of any fight are reduced. However, remember to serve them a similar diet so that they do not feel left out.

Separating utensils are also important for the health and safety of your dogs. Suppose one of your dogs suffers from any infectious disease, sharing the same utensils might infect the other dog too. You would certainly not want that!

In conclusion

It is evident that managing two dogs under the same roof can be a difficult task. Since taming a dog involves undertaking several responsibilities, it is always advisable that novice dog parents refrain from training two dogs at a time.

Once you get used to the habits and the behavioral patterns of your dog, you can plan to tame another one. Remember, you need to be careful regarding training both of your dogs so that they get along well! A little hard work and studying the behavior and character traits of both of your dogs can make your job easier.



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