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Yep, you read it right. Our awesome Border Collie never fails to amaze us with their amazing capabilities. Did you know that there is a record confirmed and verified by Guinness World Book of Records where the main star is a Border Collie? It is the world’s fastest car window opened by a dog which is actually recorded in just 11.34 seconds!


Meet Striker, a Border Collie owned by Francis V. Gadassi of Hungary. Gadassi trained Strikerunwound a non-electrical car window in just a span of 11.34 seconds.

The record was set in Quebec City, Canada on September 1, 2004.

According to Gadassi, he needed to train Striker a considerable amount of time before he could master in the first place. With years of practice and tons of dog treats waiting for Striker, he was finally able to do what most dogs couldn’t do: to open a non-electrical car window which required special training.

Some people even ask Gadassi why would he want to train his dog to do this or why did he invest so much time and effort just to teach him open the car window.

However, there is so much deeper meaning to this. One easy explanation to this is that the quicker Striker could get the window open, the better will be his chance of freedom. Through the dog’s eyes, he will have his liberty gained and now he could spend the rest of his life with his owner who did not make him open the car windows each day of his life.

This record is so bizarre that the GuinnessĀ people could only find clumsy grammar to collate the record.

However bizarre it could get, one thing is for sure. There is no stopping for our lovable Border Collies to be the world’s smartest dog ever lived. Even if it is opening a car window in a span of only 11 seconds.


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