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Coley the Border Collie lived in the small village of Ammanford where he became a beloved, friend-to-all.  On any given day you could find him sitting patiently beside a bench on a main road in the Penybanc community.

Unfortunately, Coley passed in late summer, but the community has reacted to his passing in the most touching way.  Get to know more about this amazing Border Collie in this touching write-up from his beloved owner, Lesley Jones.

Coley lived in Ammanford South Wales UK for nearly 11 years. He came into our life after nagging my husband, Phil, about getting a dog for six months.  So, he ended up buying Coley from a working farm as my birthday gift.

We decided to name him Coley as I had a coal fireplace to heat our home and when he was a puppy, he would steal a lump of coal to chew. He’d end up filthy and covered in coal dust with everyone frantically chasing him worried he’d choke!  So, he became Coley.

We live down a lane just off a busy main road. The road leads into the Town and many villages.  At the top of my lane is a corner with a bus stop and a bench.

One day, when Coley was still a puppy, he goes on one of his walks with Phil and the two of them end up  sitting on that bench for a while and they wait there for me to come home. Coley sat and watched the cars passing. He knew my car and got so excited when I pulled into the lane. I can remember it to this day, Coley waiting there for me all excited to see me.

Phil then decided to do this every night and Coley found a spot on the corner, sort-of half-on/half-off the pavement where he could watch out for me. He looked so comical, laying perfectly still watching and waiting flat on the ground.  Everyone started seeing him, children would giggle and people would smile when they saw him.

Coley also enjoyed this game so much! If I had a day off, he insisted Phil take him so he could watch and herd everyone else.

As you know, Border Collies need a job to be happy and Coley had found a job!  He had to go every night in any type of weather to sit in the corner and watch everyone pass.

Soon children made their parents pass this way to see if he was there, they’d get so excited and wave to him.  Adults saw him as a sign they were nearly home, he looked welcoming. Everyone knew him, he was funny.  He soon became a landmark that people used for directions. People would stop to pet him.  He soon became loved by hundreds.

In the end, the most important thing you should know about Coley was that herding us all from the street corner was his job. He was so dedicated that he never left his spot.  Since Coley passed away, I miss everything about him. His warmth. Him knowing when I feel low and need a hug.  He knew if I was unwell and looked after me. I miss Coley. He was so bossy, but comical.  But, my home was always full of laughter. He ruled us all, we are lost without him and my home is silent.



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