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Having a rough day? Maybe this adorable video of two Border Collies hugging each other will make you feel better.

Meet Dewey and Blaze, a cute pair based in Texas. On February 2, they posted this video on Facebook to remind everyone¬†to give hugs on Valentine’s Day month.

Their owner Jenisa Myers said that her inspiration for the pair’s warming hug is to share something cute with the world. This video definitely made anyone’s day as it has received lots of positive comments, as well as lots of good response from netizens. One proof that they are an online favorite is that the video had more than 500,000 shares in just one week.

Check out their adorable video:


Dewey and Blaze are two Border Collies who have been together since they were puppies.

The two adorable and lovable dogs are known to their online followers for their abilities in performing varieties of wild stunts as well as competing in obedience contests. The two aren’t only cute and adorable but they are also very intelligent. Dewey knows more than 100 commands while Blaze can do amazing stunts such as jumping off into his owner’s arms and riding on a skateboard.

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